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PT. Nilam Widuri Fragrance Company is driven by a philosophy of total dedication to the fragrance industry. Quality products, competitive pricing, outstanding service and a strong commitment to research and development are the reasons why we continue to be an industry leader.


We believe our fragranced products recognized as quality benchmark among the fragrance industries.
Continuous company performance evaluations are conducted to ensure excellent service to our clients in order to anticipated their needs and understand consumer trends and tastes. Thus, we can develop new concept and deliver the winning combination of product, service and value of money.
Ensuring the success of our client’s products is our “raison d’etre” and the key to our future.


Perfuming the world through our creative and innovative fragrances.


Over 60 years, PT Nilam Widuri has developed to become a reliable and strongly competitive company in the international fragrance industry. We are driven by a philosophy of total dedication to the fragrance industry.


We are fully aware that customer satisfaction is our goal and we have a few of selected standards guides our actions in achieving this.


Nilam Widuri caters to a wide diversity of clients on an individual and industrial consumer level.